Erectile Restoration Surgery

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a common adverse effect of surgery for prostate cancer. Nerves that produce erections run very close to the prostate gland and can be damaged during surgery to remove the prostate.

Growing nerves to restore erections

Mr Dangerfield, in conjunction with microsurgeon Prof Chris Coombs, has developed a technique to restore erections. An article about this exciting new procedure was published in “Pursuit” – the  University of Melbourne’s content platform. You can read the full article here.

This breakthrough procedure was featured nationally in a news story by 7News.

Listen to Dr Ross Walker interview with Mr Dangerfield on 3AW “Healthy Living” radio program.

Mr Dangerfield was invited to talk about nerve graft restoration of erectile function on “The Penis Project, a podcast with Men’s Health Physiotherapist Dr Jo Milios and Sexologist and Nurse Practitioner Melissa Hadley Barrett.

Mr Dangerfield has published articles on his experience in highly respected urological journals including European Urology as well as presenting at National and international urological conferences.

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New procedures for Erectile Dysfunction: nerve grafting surgery

In this interview with Sexual Health Counsellor Victoria Cullen, Mr Dangerfield explains nerve grafting surgery for restoration of erectile function.

Erectile restoration surgery – a new approach to penile rehabilitation: Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Mr David Dangerfield and Prof Chris Coombs presented an education webinar to the PCFA Prostate Cancer Support Group. View the full seminar below.

“It is now possible to restore erectile function in a majority of men who have undergone surgery for prostate cancer.”

Prof Chris Coombs

Read more at Linacre Private Hospital website here

A Touchy Subject

Sexual Health Counsellor Victoria Cullen interviews Professor Declan Murphy, Urological Surgeon and Director of Genital Urinary Cancer at Peter MacCallum Cancer Center. In this video they discuss nerve grafting surgery for the restoration of erections following prostate surgery.

“A talented multidisciplinary team worked together to do this.”

Prof Declan Murphy

Read more on “A Touchy Subject” website here.